Ivan Seguro

Cold vs Expert calls

Cold calling vs expert sales?

Isn't it true that cold calls are the worst?

So many rejections...

And the longer person does cold calls, the colder sales heart becomes.

And more senseless.

Isn't it just a natural defence mechanism to protect our psychology?


There's not much can be done on a rational side to remain personally engaged and attentive on a phone call when you have to deliver hundreds of those daily.

But isn't it a necessary evil?


For many complex industries, calls are essential for revenue.

Does this mean prioritising quality over quantity?


Expert calls have 10-50х of cold calling conversion rates and really make all the difference for doing business

Microtalks strategy suggests that the first touchpoint of any sales interaction is building a rapport. Raport building is impossible in a situation when defense mechanisms limit our ability to hear out another human being.

Therefore unless we talk about telemarketing center where we sell cheap simple stuff. Sales calls KPI for complex products should be limited to 200-300 per month depending on other workload factors.

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