Ivan Seguro

Appointment setting for beginners

B2B marketers and salespeople must know their customers and their behavior. Before they push a campaign, they have to know and understand the nature of their customer’s business as well as the nature of appointment settings. 

  1. Analyze pain points of you customers;
  2. Generate reasons why your client might be interested in an appointment;
  3. Find focus points among every available option;
  4. Reach your potential clients with a well defined proposition for their industry within old and new channels;
  5. Prioritize what already generate results as to your knowledge;
  6. Repeat successful strategies;
  7. Or just hire a B2B appointment setting service that will be filling your calendar with meetings that can lead to sales.

Filling a calendar with appointments is a complicated qualification process that many companies fail to carefully follow through with.   

Also, we need to remember that scheduled meetings serve some communication purpose. And as such, there can be many ways to start an engagement that will eventually lead to a meeting. Sometimes a phone call works better and leads will appreciate you saving their time. Or just come to their office with an online engagement reference, if that’s an option.