Ivan Seguro

The Mission

The fundamental formula of leadgeneration is the induction. You have to start at a base point. Then you iterate and build up on mistakes to find a path that brings leads.

Today, technology allows salespeople to stop going door-to-door. Software brings doors to salespeople. Software helps create near-scientific traceability of actions, leverage state of art technologies to maximize specific tasks completion efficiency, guides human agents to work and manage processes better, grants new horizonts in online product placement and automates everything there is to be automated.

There are industrial leaders, producing much of knowledge, such as IDC, Forrester and Garthner. But also, leadgeneration process management for active sales relies on more theoretical sources of knowledge to maximize results. Dominantly: communication science and behavior economics. There is much more to explore about the connection between these theories and their implications on leadgeneration. 

Knowing that opens many more creative doors for active sales leadgeneration.