Ivan Seguro

Marketing Qualified Leads

Marketing Qualified Leads are leads who reacted to your marketing efforts. But are not necessarily ready for a sales call or next expected sales action. So you still want to plan ahead to warm them up with some further communication.

An example of a MQL is a lead who filled out a form or replied to your outbound engagement action.

MQLs generally provide their info and somehow opened the door for later nurturing engagement by the sales team. 

The general formula is Lead Engagement + Qualified Audience + Contacts = MQL.
To develop MQLs better, you should run a detailed Internal Q&A on your Marketing Qualified Lead strategy: 

  1. Does this person fall into the audience who might follow through with your sales proposal? 
  2. Are there any issues that might keep him/her from moving forward the sales pipeline?
  3. In order to ensure that leads are happy customers, does your sales team have a further lead nurturing strategy? 
  4. And is it working?

Although even if you've identified who is interested in buying from your company, it may be that it is going to take a little longer to actually get them onboard. Here are some more tips on working with MQL:

  1. Don't try to convince them of anything right away!
  2. Be confident to ask lots of questions.
  3. If a lead indicates the initial proposal isn't what they wanted, introduce something related to what might be more important to them and ask more questions. Be creative to maintain relationships for future engagements.