Ivan Seguro

Deliver your ideas

Again, this differs from instrument to instrument. But there are general rules to the process.

  1. Statistical significance. Baseline strategy needs to be defined for a certain volume of efforts. We don’t want to keep the baseline strategy forever unchanged, but we also don’t want to make decisions prematurely.
  2. Use the right tone according to the context of communication, audience and offer. Ads speak loud, or convey confidence, or rush you, or entertain. Messages speak like different humans, depending on offer, audience and context. Copies speak differently in Medium, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are guidelines available for many channels. But the best guidelines for offer and audience are customer research and development activities. Which is a separate topic, but generally can be approached iteratively.
  3. Start with multiple hypotheses. This will enable you to compare results between each other to understand what works and what doesn’t. You will see it clearly in number, when quantifiable results differ significantly.