Ivan Seguro

CPL Performance is an open-door guarantee

CPL Performance is an open-door guarantee

When it comes to Active Sales, it’s normally a big check type of situation.

When it comes to big checks, it’s normally audiences who:

+ Won’t purchase online

+ Can’t call right away

+ Can’t get into a meeting right away

+ Require consultation

+ Require solution structuring

+ Hard to get in touch

+ Hard to make interested 

Sometimes, it’s really hard to predict and guarantee results on CPL. Because there are no simple perfect solutions. There are only perfect strategies. Which are not always so simple.

Predictable strategies are based on two factors:

+ MarTech software building 

+ Communications design

Making software that makes possible inductively iterating communications design is the framework in which we operated for over 460 companies worldwide.

We believe that the businesses's arteries are its sales. And the blood is leads. The hardest part of a sales pipeline is to make a door open. This is why our mission is to make door opening predictable and easy to work with for active sales in any industry and any format of business.

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