Ivan Seguro

Benefits of outbound strategies

This point is debated, but outbound tools offer more personalization and control in a business environment than inbound methods, no matter how intimidating a cold call or message may be.

Remember the days when commercials and sales letters attacked you from all sides? This is one of the reasons why inbound marketing dominates the agenda recently as a collection of tools aimed at naturally directing your audience to your product or service.

Inbound marketing relies on advertising, and as such, you'll have to spend a large portion of your budget to get your ads on your preferred media channels and visible to all your potential customers. 

Outbound marketing offers valuable benefits such as quick exposure, definite and predictable results, and ultimately sustained audience response when the targeting and onboarding process is fine-tuned.

When it comes to figuring a proportion between the inbound and outbound marketing, the only way to get meaningful results is to look closely at the costs and benefits of each method and keep an eye on what works.