Ivan Seguro

Receive extensive feedback

The result of each instrument should be some minimal number of leads, that lets you do an in-depth assessment. 

Some say that if conversion numbers are low, the only right decision is to drop the strategy. But in fact, conversion doesn’t provide a cause-effect rationale for failure. And what we are actually looking for is knowledge to fix it. Therefore, it should be studied in communication with leads. The communication with leads is the only factual evidence we have in a lead generation process, other than bare naked numbers. And if we want to progress, the only way to move is by altering hypotheses and fixing mistakes with a rationale in mind.

  • What does the path of further communication after lead was generated look like?
  • Do we get successful paths to the next in line sales action?
  • Do calls confirm that a lead is from the target audience and can be worked with?
  • Do we have meetings from this channel?
  • What objections arise in the sales cycle? How can we counter that?
  • In what ways can we alter the hypothesis, based on what we learned?

The best lead pipelines arise not from the initial genius of a manager (although this also should be the case for a start). But from an elaborate collection of real client feedback. Analyzing that. The efficient change arises in a well grounded manner, minimizing the possibility of a failure.