Ivan Seguro

Lead generation helicopter view

The goal of any marketing team in B2B is to serve enough leads to fulfill the sales team. Specifically, to create a lead generation process that will create an endless stream of all sorts of leads sustainably and predictably.

As discussed above, there are many ways of doing that. But no matter the instruments, a leadgeneration strategy you will use will pass through the following stages:
1. Get in touch with the right people at the right place.
2. Deliver your ideas and messages in a way that resonates with the people you are targeting.
3. Receive extensive feedback from them so you can improve your positioning and product offering to make it more appealing to their needs.
4. Measure the success of the campaigns and fine-tune to be more effective.
5. Tracking the effectiveness in details of the further processes, meaning sales funnel so you can make sure you’re moving leads down the pipeline efficiently.