Ivan Seguro

Get in touch with the right people

Ways to get in touch with the right people differ from one instrument to the other. But there is a general pattern to all.

  1. Ideal Client Profiles (ICP) must be developed and prioritized. Talking about B2C, it is often possible to do by demographic characteristics, such as age, gender, geography. In the B2B segment, audiences are much more narrow.
  2. Finding similar leads. From ICP, we can find profiles with more data to expand search. Here, Machine Learning instruments can be applied with textual analysis to generate most appropriate keywords and segments.
  3. Understanding purchasing behavior. To come up with a baseline strategy, we need to research actions taken by this selected narrow ICP audience. The desired action must be aligned with what leads normally do in situations, technically converting them to leads. More of that is in the last section on behavior economics.