Ivan Seguro

Lead quality

What is the most important thing to understand about lead quality types? Answer: there is no such thing as an absolutely best quality of a lead, but rather, it depends on the situation.

  • The general sales process. What is it being sold and how? Is it a software? Is it a service? Is it a house? Is it an investment? Different sales processes would imply different touchpoints for lead generation.
  • The goal of the first engagement. Are we looking for sales meetings? For demos? For app installations? For some specific lead-magnet acceptance? For a customer development interview? Depending on the goal of the first engagement the different instruments and strategies should be applied.

The current sales infrastructure. Is there a huge six-stores telemarketing facility available to make calls? Is there a big expert sales team with defined KPIs? Is it a small product team with little time for sales? Is it a startup with only one founder and no time at all?