Ivan Seguro

Product Qualified Lead

Product qualified leads are contacts who have tried your product. 

PQL usually exists for companies that offer  product trials or free or limited versions of their products.

With upgrade options, that's where your sales team comes in.

Why Qualifying a Lead with a Product is Important?

  1. A PQL is much more likely to purchase your product than a cold lead. 
  2. A PQL has used your product, and has an idea of its value. 
  3. They’re more likely to be open to the value of upgrading from your free or trial version to a paid version.
  4. As a salesperson, you're going to spend less time qualifying leads because they've already been qualified by the product they've used.

How to Qualify Your PQL Leads?

  1. Tracking Features Usage. Keep records of which features were used by each customer or prospect. This will help you to personalize and focus on selling only those features that matter most for their business. 
  2. Time Spent Using Product. If you know how long someone has been using your product, you can get a sense of how much value they are getting from it (the longer they use it, the more valuable it must be). This information can also help guide you in determining which price points are more appropriate.

Upgrade Options. If you have upgrade options available for your offer, be sure that each customer knows about them and knows why they should consider upgrading in the future.