Ivan Seguro

5 mistakes in early outbound pipeline resulting in no bookings

5 mistakes in early outbound pipeline resulting in no bookings

1. Understudied and overgeneralized problem.

Selling software development vs budget savings to satisfy investors with a cheaper MVP.

Selling fast production vs freeing up space in a sprint to do other things.

Selling outsourcing vs completing a team with highly motivated veterans.

2. Blanket airstrikes on scattered audiences.

Our new outbound strategy will suck at first.
It's a law of outbound.
First, we need to find a way to win.
So it’s fine to start up a blanket to tune up.
This will save good leads for when you're ready.

But when we have found a way, now’s the time to narrow down.

3. Cold formal intro vs. long story short

The first sin is to be like everyone else. 
This will get us filtered out only for looking like everyone else.

The second sin is to not be like everyone else too much.

4. What's the question?

Wrapping up with “we'd be glad to discuss more” is wrong.
Think ahead about what is reasonable to ask from a problem solving perspective. 
Then ask exactly that.

5. "Give me" vs “Give them” attitude

In most cases, we are expected to be doctors trying to help. 
On the other hand, when we demand from the start, we appear self centered.
What would a SDR doctor say?

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