Ivan Seguro

Tracking the effectiveness of the further sales processes in details

In other words: is it a job of a lead generation person to suggest edits to the sales?

Yes and no.

No, because it’s not a part of the job description, because salespeople are not subordinate to lead generation, and because it’s actually the sole work of a salesperson to increase their numbers.

However, it is often the case when lead generation people are named to be the source of all evil. Meaning, it’s the lead quality that is named as a reason for sales failure in a timeframe.
And since the accusations, lead generation people need a strategy to explore the situation objectively in the further process to figure out if they should say “sorry” or “it’s actually on you”. 
First, because they can. 

Second, because they can raise an issue with the head of sales and identify when the sales process is actually unhealthy, which will result in some medicine to fix the bottomline. 
Third, because if leads are failing, you can hear the most clear ideas about what to do next from the call recordings.

Some lead generation companies even go as far as to suggest CRM steps of further lead qualification to salespeople, guidelines for touchpoints and such. Maybe this should be left as an exercise to the reader.