MarTech solutions for salespeople
Our company helps generate sales leads, build lead databases and set appointments with potential clients.

We offer SDR and BDR services and use social selling for advertising and marketing. Our strategies are tailored to increase sales and drive business growth.

  1. Generate high-quality sales leads to increase your chances of closing deals.
  2. Build robust lead generation databases that allow you to easily track and manage potential clients.
  3. Set appointments with potential clients to build relationships and increase your chances of closing deals.
  4. Benefit from both SDR and BDR services to gain a comprehensive approach to lead generation.
  5. Utilize the latest social selling techniques to increase your visibility and reach more potential clients.
  6. Tailor your lead generation strategies to your specific needs and goals to achieve success.
  7. Increase your sales and drive business growth with our effective lead generation strategies.
Get ahead with our expert-led updates on business development outsourcing.

Stay informed on the latest trends and strategies for cost-effective and scalable success.

  1. Stay informed and up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies in business development outsourcing.
  2. Gain expert insights and practical advice on how to enhance your outsourcing efforts.
  3. Increase your chances of achieving cost-effective and scalable success through proper implementation of industry-proven strategies.
  4. Learn how to drive business growth and improve efficiency through outsourcing.
  5. Stay ahead of the competition by staying informed about the latest developments in the field of outsourcing.
  6. Discover new opportunities for partnerships and collaborations to boost your business development efforts.
  7. Get access to a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you make better-informed decisions about outsourcing.
Explore our services through demo, briefing and service inquiries.

Participate in our events, book a free consultation and inquire about custom projects. Learn about our partnerships and hiring opportunities.

  1. Learn about our services through interactive demonstrations and briefings
  2. Get answers to your service inquiries and learn more about how we can help your business
  3. Participate in our events and stay informed about the latest industry developments
  4. Book a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and goals
  5. Inquire about custom projects tailored to your unique requirements
  6. Discover potential partnerships that can help drive your business forward
  7. Stay informed about hiring opportunities and learn how you can join our team.



Mass-market solutions almost never cover everything we need. Full Active Sales potential is frequently remains unrealized. Over the course of 3 years, we built and brought to market 11 unique products to help Active Sales teams implement complicated tactics to close more deals.
Big check sales means it's not easy to open a door. We build software to make the process of door opening simple, predictable and sustainable over long period of time.
Effective sales is not only technology. And it is not always obvious from the start what will works best. Therefore our framework is to create software that makes allows inductively iterating communication designs to find the ones that work best and prioritize them over the others.
for Active Sales, 2022
How to increase sales numbers, reduce marketing costs and find new clients in hard-to-compete markets using technology
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